Here are Some Facts About Slot Machines You Should Know

Slot machines are the bread and butter of casinos today. But this wasn’t always the case. These games weren’t taken seriously since most high rollers spent their time playing craps or blackjack. But, this changed in the 90s with slots becoming much more popular than all the other games you’d find in a casino. With the advent of video slots and online gambling, there was no stopping slots from becoming the most popular casino game ever. This is mainly because of the improved graphics and design of the slots. They were now able to attract more people. Here are a few facts about these slots:

Slots are the only games in casinos which have opaque odds. This means that you can’t calculate the house edge simply by knowing the odds of winning a bet and the payoff. This is because there are too many combinations of winning symbols possible.

More than 85% of casino revenues come from slot machines. This is purely because the bet size is so small and the payout so huge that no one thinks twice before spending.

Progressive slots tend to have jackpots which can be compared with the lottery. You can become a multi-millionaire with just one spin of the slot. It’s all about luck.

The slots today have very little in common with the slots from a few decades ago. Old slot machines had mechanical parts like hoppers, reels, levers, and coin slots. Today, they have more than 1200 individual components and require a team of more than 300 people from designing all the way to the assembly of these components.

Lastly, if you thought slot machines were popular in the United States, you have no idea how popular they are in Japan. The US has around 800,000 slot machines, but Japan has more than 5 million.

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