How Slot Designers Get You to Play Longer

Have you ever thought about why slots games are so most popular in the casinos? Apart from being very easy to play and entertaining, there has to be something else that makes slots so enthralling, right? The truth is slot machines can manipulate the reward system of the brain beautifully. They are designed with various features, technologies, and psychologies which don’t just attract players, but also keep them there.

This means that all the features from those exciting sounds you hear to the flashing lights have all been strategically designed with the sole intention of hijacking your mind. It’s become quite a fascinating science.

Have you ever wondered why slot machines use ancient creatures, mythology, or pop-culture? It’s because these themes tell stories that players will be able to relate to. Such themes even promise rewards, magic, and untold wealth which is subconsciously associated with positivity. Even superstitions have a very important role to play here with some symbols supposed to be lucky.

There are many land-based casinos which also have characters on them with an emphasis on their eyes. This isn’t just a coincidence but a result of studies that show eyes can be arresting and draw players in.

With the help of technology, designers can further enhance how much games appeal to players. Innovation is the most important word here and with so many new features being added to slots, they just keep getting harder to resist.

There’s no denying the fact that slots aren’t skill based, but that doesn’t stop designers from adding a few features that make them feel like they can influence the outcome a little bit. But this is only giving you an illusion of control. So don’t fall for it. The truth is, slots are random and no one will ever be able to predict when or how much you’re going to win.

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