How Online Casino Slot Games are Made

Online casino games have become quite the rage in the recent years. But, while some people may think that this is because of poker or blackjack, the fact is that it’s the slots that are hogging all the limelight online. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that they are well designed using graphics and animations that turn them into so much more than simple spinning of the reels. Here’s a quick insight into how these games are made:

Premium slots take as much as a year to go from the idea stage to an actual machine. The process involves a game designer, server developer, mathematician, front-end developers, a tester, manager, and a creative team. Depending on how intricate the game is, special graphic designers may also be called into work on it.

While every game is different, there are times when pre-existing slot mechanisms can be used for new games. This helps speed up the process but doesn’t mean the workload reduces in any way.

With video slots becoming as popular as they have in recent times, casinos tend to develop video slots more than anything else. The process has changed quite significantly since there are no mechanical components involved anymore. That’s right, the slots you find today in casinos and online are all electric.

One very important part of the design process of the slot machines is deciding on the variance system. This is basically the amount of risk that players are going to take when playing at the machine. It could low, medium or high depending on the type of players they would want to attract on the machine. Without this system in place, there would be no way of figuring out which slots are within your budget and which ones aren’t. So the next time you see a slot machine, appreciate it for the time and dedication involved in creating it.

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