The History of Casino Slots

Hollywood stereotypes and unawareness are the only things that can be blamed for countless people banking on slots to get rich. The days of slot machines being nothing more than an amusement system in casinos is long behind us, and a lot of people visit online casinos specifically to play the slots.

There are tons of high-tech slots games available today which can provide a rich and immersive experience while still giving players a hope of winning big. These games are very similar to console or PC games with the only difference being that there is real money on the line with each spin.

Slot machines were first seen around the 1890s in San Francisco. Since gambling machines offering jackpots weren’t legal at the time, these machines were called trade stimulators where establishment owners would reward winners in kind instead of cash.

Casino gambling was legalised in Nevada in 1931 and that’s when the market for slot machines was created. It’s only in the 60s that mechanical machines were replaced by electromechanical ones. These games were all the rage and with video-display games being added into the mix in 1981, there was no looking back for slots.

But, it wasn’t over yet. Next came the internet and gambling went online. This was a much easier way to interact with players and for the first time ever, players could take slot machines with them in their pocket. Technological innovation and advancements also helped make the games more interesting and as a result, everyone wanted to play slots online at some point or the other. Some of them stuck to it and today, there is a huge online industry just for slot machines. If you don’t see what all the fuss is about then why don’t you try out an online casino slot game?

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